At NVPools, we pride ourselves on employing the most qualified lifeguards and pool managers. In addition to a working knowledge of aquatic safety, water chemistry, and general pool operation; we seek lifeguards that show initiative and possess excellent leadership, organization, and public relation skills. Those that are willing to invest the time and energy to understand and appreciate the dynamics of the community pool environment will succeed with NVPools.

If you are 15 or older and looking for a fun and exciting summer job or challenging career, consider a position with NVPools! Spend the summer outside making your community a safer place while developing fundamental professional skills and experience that will be valued by universities and future employers.

Step 1 – Submit your Application!

Step 2 – Come to an Interview

  • If this is your first time applying with NVPools one of our lifeguard personnel team members will contact you via email to schedule an interview
  • If you have worked for NVPools in the past, and are in good standing, keep an eye on your email for your job offer
  • Returning employees applying for a higher position may be asked to come in for another interview

Step 3 – Get Certified/Check Your Certs

  • First time lifeguards – Please check our Training Calendar for Lifeguard Training Classes
  • Existing lifeguards/managers – Double check to make sure you certifications are valid, if you can’t find them or are not sure if they are valid please contact Sam Akridge

Step 4 – Accept your Position

  • Please reply via email to your job offer confirming that you accept the position offered
  • Once you accept your position an employment packet will be sent to you
  • Complete and return all necessary paperwork

Step 5 – Start Working! – Pools are open Memorial Day weekend – Labor day weekend

  • Your Pool Manager will be in touch with you to schedule a preseason staff meeting and get you started lifeguarding!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the age requirements to be a lifeguard?
    You must be 15 years old by the last day of your lifeguarding class. You will not need to be certified until Memorial Day weekend.
  • Do I need to be certified to apply and interview?
    No. We will have information for you about our upcoming training. You do not need to be certified until Memorial Day weekend. The sooner you come in for an interview, the better chance you have of working at the pool of your choice.
  • What happens after the interview?
    You will be emailed a job offer within a week that you must respond to within one week. If you don’t respond to the email your job offer will most likely be given away.
  • I accepted my job offer, what happens next?
    Depending on the position you will be emailed your employment packet. This will include your contract, I-9, W-4, VA-4 and uniform order sheet. All forms must be returned ASAP. All uniforms orders are due no later than May 1st.
  • Do I need a work permit?
    If you are 15 years old you must obtain a workers permit to work for us. You can pick them up from your school’s guidance office or career center. Once you obtain one we will fill it out for you and mail it back to you. The final copy must be returned to the office to be put on file.
  • How do I find out when I start?
    Your pool manager will contact you before your first initial staff meeting on May 22nd. If you have conflicts that will occur while school is in session, you should bring all these dates to that first staff meeting. The pool manager will do their best to accommodate all requests but it is ultimately the employee’s job to cover all hours they need off. Your pool manager will be the person that writes the schedule all summer so if there are conflicts they are the person you want to talk to.
  • What is the difference between full-time, part-time, and substitute?
    Full-time is considered working anywhere from 30-40 hours per week. Part-time is considered working anywhere from 20-30 hours per week. Substituting is done on a pick up basis at each individual pool. If you are employed as a substitute you will be assigned a base pool but you can work at any of our pools.
  • How much will I get paid?
    Pay rates are determined by age, experience and certifications. Once you come in for an interview we will have more details on pay rates.
  • What is IST and is it mandatory?
    IST stands for In-Service Training which is a program we developed to ensure that all lifeguards employed with NVPools have the opportunity to demonstrate their lifesaving skills while also renewing their American Red Cross certifications. Lifeguards that attend and complete our IST program each year never have to worry about certifications lapsing. The IST program is not mandatory but highly encouraged and provides an excellent opportunity for lifeguards to practice how they would react in a real life emergency situation. For more information about our IST program contact Juli Branch at the NVPools office.
  • What if I can't make my IST training dates?
    If you can not attend the IST dates for your assigned pool you can attend any neighboring pool/clusters dates for a makeup. Each IST session also has a scheduled makeup day. Normally a Sunday morning at the end of each session before the next set of sessions begins. Your pool manager or cluster supervisor will be able to guide you to the closest pools IST training dates. Or for more information about IST visit our website or call Juli Branch at the NVPools office.
  • How do I sign up to teach swim lessons?
    We will hold an NVSwim Kids lessons training session in every cluster in the beginning of June to teach lifeguards how to be instructors of the NVSwim Kids program. Once you have attended the training session you will be eligible to teach private swim lessons and group lessons at your pool. Pay rates will vary depending on experience and whether or not you attend the training session every year.
  • How do I obtain a pool operator's permit?
    If you are going to work in Fairfax County you have 2 choices for obtaining your pool operator’s. The first choice is to attend a National Swimming Pool Foundation course and pass the NSPF exam. NVPools will host a number of NSPF courses prior to pool season and throughout the summer.
    The second option for Fairfax County Pool Operator’s is an exam provided under Fairfax County contract by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association. Please see the swimming pool and spa association website for details
  • Do I receive a raise once I obtain my pool operator's permit?
    Yes. Once you receive your permit please send a copy to the office so we can adjust your pay rate.
  • When do I get paid?
    You will receive a pay check every two weeks. The schedule of pay dates can be found on the pay period form located in the green forms binder at each facility. Paychecks will be delivered to you at your home pool on Fridays by your pool manager. Please note that the company needs a week to process payroll.
  • How do I know my hours will be correct?
    Lifeguards are responsible for initialing timecards at any pool they work a shift at during a pay period. By initialing the timecard you are verifying that your hours were recorded correctly.
  • Will breaks be taken out of my paycheck?
    Yes. If you work a shift that is equal to five hours or more than a ½ hour break will be deducted for each of those shifts. If you work a shift that is less than five hours then no breaks will be removed from your hours.
  • What do I do if I have lost my certification cards
    If you need re prints of your American Red Cross certification you must first contact the instructor of your course. They will provide you with your American Red Cross course record number. You must then call the American Red Cross (1800-RED-CROSS) and give them that information. They will then send you a new certification card.If you lost your NSPF Pool Operator’s card you must contact the National Swimming Pool Foundation and they will send you a new certification card in the mail. phone number : 719-540-9119.